Patreon Announcement (First Patron already gained!)

Insert Bernie Sanders meme.

Back while I was writing the Dungeon of the Mad Mage Companion, some folks on the subreddit asked if I had a patreon. I told them “I have no idea what I would offer.” Well, now two years later, I finally do. I started my Patreon in November (to get the clerical stuff out of the way) and began to prepare content. I hadn’t even announced it yet before getting my first patron, Erich Paganotti!

I couldn’t believe it. An actual, bona fide patron (which was the listed goal on my patreon). I was swimming on a high the whole day. I even called my mother to gush. A big thank you to Erich for your patronage and confidence!

Vall isn’t my mother, but he’s a close second.

Without Further Ado: My Patreon Announcement

The last two-and-a-half years of writing have been life-changing and I’m hoping it into a full-time gig. Come September, I’ll be finishing my time as a teacher abroad. I’ll be returning to the States to live skinny as a starving writer. Any and all support on Patreon helps make my dream a reality. Through your patronage, you’ll be getting a cornucopia of D&D-related content:

Free Premium Content
No matter the tier you sign up as, you can get a free copy of any of my DMs Guild products no matter the price. You can grab a copy of Daerdan’s Class Feats, 101 Seafaring Encounters, or even the entire Dungeon of the Mad Mage Companion, a $20 product, for only three bucks.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts
Patrons also get a discount on any my DMs Guild products. At the starting tier, you get 10% off (or $1, whichever is greater, as I’ve got many $2 > products), and Paragons (the highest tier) get 50% off. This discount can be invoked an infinite amount of times.

Free Content!
I love to create. Each month, I’ll be publishing:
• 4 encounters to drop into your campaign
• 4 random tables, from loot, to curios, to interesting NPCs
• 4 new World of Warcraft races (as well as any monsters, quests, and NPCs I put out) as part of my Blood & Thunder project (see below).

Blood & Thunder: Playing 5e in the World of Warcraft Universe
I am a huge World of Warcraft nerd. It has been my curse since the distant, misty year of 2007. For the last few years, I’ve been playing several of my D&D campaigns in the Warcraft universe. The Warcraft races, however, can’t always find a preexisting equivalent in the current 5e stats. So, I’ve been converting them as a means to destress after work, and now I’m uploading them weekly onto my Instagram. Later, I hope to bring its monsters, magic items, NPCs, and dungeons into 5th Edition. By supporting my patreon, you help me bring this project to life. Note: per Blizzard Entertainment’s fan content policy, this work will always be freely available to anyone; non-patrons can access it just as easily as patrons can. So stay tuned for more!

Future Aspirations

As September nears and my time teaching comes to close—and as the patreon grows—I’d like to expand this content into adventures, subclasses, feats, and more. My dream is to make things for your D&D campaign every day of the week. Please help me make that dream a reality.

Click here to check out that patreon thing I mentioned.

Interested in supporting my work? Want to keep up to date with my writing? Consider joining my patreon (yes, I’m linking it again), buying me a coffee, or signing up for my newsletter. Any and all support goes towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a full-time writer.

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